Friday, January 1, 2010

woooooooooo 2010..

wat de hell? de 2010 were exist now..erm so quick de moon n sun rise..sometimes i wonder why de time of prayers can be so fast..its give me a clues.. to repend somehow i need 2 changes my attitudes..toward 2010 i hope i can achieve wat i dreamz to achieve..ok tis the list i've done n achieve in 2009!

1. i achieve to get 16 A 4 my spm students in art..which are so miracles..i were condemn before but Allah always there 4 me toward unguilty they juz shut them mouth went i get those result..which nobody can achieve those patient always blessing me..n Allah always help u so much..

2. im move myself to develop my knowledge by start on my master..erm alhamdullilah first semester i score 3.5..tat good 4 me..thanks Allah

3. erm my family business are started on dec 2009..the one hundret thousand were bank in by agro band 4 de alhamdullilah again..i will support my family..

4. my big sister deliver de cute gurlz cute kahairulnisa which has a meaning..but im not sure..but tat my culture of my family give an islamic names..tat nice..

5. erm i achieve 2 do all of works at school..n im learning lots of things..from my past..thanks to my headmaster,pk 1, pk hem,and pk koko, .and my lovely frenz farzani whom always support me..whether im wrong n her so much..allah send a cutes angel 4 me..

6. erm i glad my allah send a beautiful frenz like mas..thanks 2 her..4 supporting me so her..

so tat the list ...erm 2010 i will learns lots of things hopefully laaaaaaaa..